Sun-drenched moments, laughter and rebellion, I want to capture it all for you! Splashing in the creek or playing tag with your littles - time flies by and I want to help you remember every single detail. 

As a mom of two, I know life with kids is constant chaos and I am totally okay with that! Let me help you capture all of the beautiful, imperfect moments!

Why Fire Sky?

I love to be outdoors. I love the way the sun casts a beautiful warm glow over everything just before it sets. I love the sky for its endless possibilities and stargazing for wondering what the future holds. Fire symbolizes a zest for life, a parent's enduring love and the connection between two loving people. This is what IT is about.

Your story is constantly evolving and changing. Each day is full of small details you want to document forever. The people you love most are changing right along with you. Your story begs to be told and I want to help you tell it. I am inspired by you, your connections, your love and your authenticity. I aim to capture your family’s personality and most importantly the love you have for one another. Interested?

Each family is unique and so is every session. I am available to help you every step of the way – from selecting a location to planning your attire! 

If you are ready to book, let’s connect and begin planning something special just for you.